Discount for Educators

Homeroom – the beginning of the school day.  Imagine your class starting their day with a few minutes of quiet, creative centeredness.  We can help our kids start their day off with a connection to themselves, their positive self-expression, and sense of peace.  Studies have shown the many benefits of giving mindfulness to our children.

We live in a world that is changing by the second.  The explosion of technology and our modern lifestyles have created unprecedented stresses in the lives of our children.  It is our responsibility, as leaders, educators, and caretakers to choose wether technology helps or hinders us.  We at Mindflower believe that technology presents us with an opportunity to serve our children by introducing them to mindfulness and creativity practices.

Studies show that kids are deeply engaged when using smartphones and tablets.  Unfortunately, much of their experiences while using these devices are un-mindful rob them of their ability to focus and find centeredness.  Mindflower and other meditative apps restore the balance by encouraging focus, calmness and self-cultivation.

Not only are our children facing unprecedented stresses, but so are our educators.  Our teachers are spread thinner than ever before and are often empathically connected to the stress of their students.  Everyone benefits by reducing overall stress in the classroom through mindfulness and creativity practices.

Mindflower offers a simple and easy solution by offering an immersive experience which can be intuitively learned by children in mere moments.

We can offer a 50% discount to educators who purchase 20 or more copies.  Take 30 seconds to fill out the form below and we will send you instructions on how to get started.

Our mission is to serve our children, educators, and community by bringing mindfulness and creativity into the classroom to create more relaxation, awareness, peace of mind, and prosperity – now and in the future as our children transition into young adults.